• Dylan Tarrant

    Dylan Tarrant

    Product designer, simplicity seeker, pedal pusher, rock climber, perpetually curious, often awe struck.

  • Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis

    I like to design, write, cook and think about things.

  • Joe Cheung

    Joe Cheung

    I facilitate good fortune @Sprocket Partners(Craft, Sequoia Capital, Rylo, Medium, Greylock, Yammer, Google, Netflix, Salesforce, Microsoft] San Francisco + LA

  • Mrs Emily St J

    Mrs Emily St J

    Content Editor, Writer, Shoot Producer. I like words, nice people, sunlight and danger. My laugh is a social legacy. I am a work in progress. www.emilyeades.com

  • Paul Millerd

    Paul Millerd

    The future of work is about doing less work @ www.think-boundless.com & 📩 boundless.substack.com

  • Usman Gul

    Usman Gul

    Enterprise Partnerships @DoorDash. Formerly @MasterCard @Marqeta. In permanent beta mode, experimenting w/ life.

  • Melissa Williams

    Melissa Williams

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